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Minot Center Grange ground breaking, 1886

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 Minot Center Grange ground breaking, 1886
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This photograph is of the ground breaking ceremony of the Minot Center Grange Hall, Grange #266, built in 1886.

The first official meeting was held at the Jackson School House on May 5, 1884. There were 32 members of the grange at that time. In August of 1885 they decided to build a hall for their grange.

The hall was dedicated between March 19 and April 21, 1886.

In 1889, the grange decided to build a stable for large animals. A building was built beside the hall, having 10 stalls. This building was still not large enough to house all of the animals, so a second stable of 60'x28' was built. Neither of the stable buildings are still standing.

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